Monday, December 6, 2010



Zori is a traditional Japanese footwear which is usually worn with other traditional clothing and is not seen often these days. Zori are sandals that are made from rice straw or lacquered wood and worn with kimono on formal occasions.

Other than Zori, other traditional footwear in Japan is the Geta. Geta are raised wooden clogs that are worn with yukata. Geta are most often seen these days on the feet of sumo wrestlers. You will most likely hear them before you see them as they make a distinctive clacking noise as the wearer walks.


Another kind would be the waraji, and you may see the occasional Buddhist monk wearing wearing them. Waraji are sandals made from straw rope and it is a standard footwear for the common people in the past in Japan.


  1. Zori were extremely popular in the USA in the late 70s as truly unisex footwear. Guys, gals, kids all wore them barefooted. Most had white rubber soles (some were black, rarely other colors), and brightly colored velvet straps (red, blue, black). Some had the toe strap in the center, but most had left and right feet. For some reason it was fashionable to wear them a size or 2 too large.