Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Kimonos are made of silk and are usually very expensive. Nowadays, Japanese people rarely wear kimonos in everyday life. Kimonos are reserved for occasions like weddings, funerals, tea ceremonies, or other special events, such as summer festivals.

Kimono differ in style and colour depending on which occasion it is worn to, and also depends on the age and marital status of the person wearing the kimono.


Putting on a kimono isn't an easy task and practice is needed.
For female, wearing a proper kimono includes proper hairstyle, traditional shoes, socks, underwear and a small handbag.

Yukata, on the other hand is more of an informal leisure clothing for the Japanese. It can be a comfortable dress during summer or after a hot bath. As yukata are made of cotton, it is usually inexpensive as compared to a kimono. If you go to Japan and stays in a Ryokan, yukata will normally be provided for wearing. Nowadays, even in some modern hotels in Japan, yukata are also provided.

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